Several years ago we started composing wedding reports. Just by coincidence! Friends of ours requested us to take pictures during their wedding-day and just as a surprise for them, we created a beautiful photo-report, which turned out to be the start for many more eager-to-marry friends, relatives and others to ask us to take care of the photo-reports of their marriage-ceremonies.
In order to give you an idea of how we create our reports, we proudly present you some examples of them on this page.
It is without saying that we pay full attention to the special wishes of each and every couple.
You will be given ample time to discuss all your wishes for your special event and we will certainly do our utmost to fulfill them all.
As we see the making of our reports as a hobby, we put all our creativity and love in a beautiful family-document for you, so that you will enjoy looking at in for the rest of your life.
The costs of such a wedding report are depending on your wishes, which we will discuss in a private conversation with you.
Should you be interested, or in case you might have any questions, just contact us by mail or telephone.
It is without saying that we are certainly willing to inform you about anything you would like to know and of course: without any obligations!